Knowledge graphs --enter--> the Hype Cycle

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At Farfetch, we are building a Fashion Knowledge Graph to form a rich, authoritative source of fashion knowledge to enhance applications such as search. In this talk, we describe the directions we are investigating in building and using such a graph, including using Python in harvesting product knowledge from the web, human-in-the-loop knowledge learning, and graph-enhanced search. This talk will present our progress in these directions, explore the challenges in an enterprise environment, and show the exciting research opportunities.


So you have heard the hype about knowledge graphs? How can Pythonistas join forces with Fashionistas to form an authoritative single source of truth for fashion e-commerce, benefiting applications such as Search, Discovery, and Personalisation. This talk will give you a unique insight into how knowledge graphs can provide powerful ways to analyse and emphasise relationships in data.

George Cushen
A Data Scientist & Product Enthusiast

I’m a data scientist passionate about deep learning and knowledge graphs. In my spare time, I enjoy CrossFit and open source. Follow me on twitter to be notified of new content.