R Markdown project websites your users will love!

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Learn how R Markdown and Academic can help your team write, collaborate, and publish content online and internally. Examples include a landing page and documentation site for your package, a knowledge sharing platform, or a website for your lab/team.

12 September 2018 3:30 PM — 5:00 PM

Get started in 5 steps

Open RStudio and create a new project.

Run the following commands in RStudio to bootstrap your new project website with Project Kickstart-R:

blogdown::new_site(theme = "gcushen/hugo-academic", sample = FALSE, theme_example = FALSE)
download.file( url = "https://github.com/sourcethemes/project-kickstart-r/archive/master.zip", destfile="project-kickstart-r.zip")
unzip( zipfile = "project-kickstart-r.zip", junkpaths = TRUE )

Customise your new site and deploy it.

Bonus: Create a personal website

Install and create a beautiful personal website with the RStudio wizard and (R) Markdown.

George Cushen
George Cushen
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