George Cushen

A Data Scientist & Product Enthusiast

Hey, I’m George!

I am a Lead Data Scientist at Farfetch, pursuing my vision of reimagining retail to create a smart and personalized shopping experience. I focus on the intersection of machine learning and knowledge representation (knowledge graphs) to build novel solutions that can improve the customer search and browsing experience.

Previously, my lifelong fascination with artificial intelligence and fashion led me to become an innovator in research on computer vision for visual clothing search and augmented reality fitting room on mobile devices.

I am actively contributing to open source projects, and methods that I implemented are now used for popular mobile apps. In my spare time, I enjoy giving seminars on the practical applications of data science and machine learning.

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  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Deep Learning


  • PhD Computer Vision & Machine Learning

    University of Southampton

  • BEng Electronic Engineering

    University of Southampton

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Open Source


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Mezzanine API

A RESTful OAuth2 API for the popular Mezzanine Content Management System. The API empowers developers to automate, extend, and combine Mezzanine with other services such as mobile apps.

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