Knowledge graphs --enter--> the Hype Cycle

14 July 2019·
George Cushen
· 1 min read
Photo by PyData
At Farfetch, we are building a Fashion Knowledge Graph to form a rich, authoritative source of fashion knowledge to enhance applications such as search. In this talk, we describe the directions we are investigating in building and using such a graph, including using Python in harvesting product knowledge from the web, human-in-the-loop knowledge learning, and graph-enhanced search. This talk will present our progress in these directions, explore the challenges in an enterprise environment, and show the exciting research opportunities.
14 July 2019 2:15 PM — 3:00 PM


So you have heard the hype about knowledge graphs? How can Pythonistas join forces with Fashionistas to form an authoritative single source of truth for fashion e-commerce, benefiting applications such as Search, Discovery, and Personalisation. This talk will give you a unique insight into how knowledge graphs can provide powerful ways to analyse and emphasise relationships in data.