Knowledge Graphs and AI to Hyper-Personalise the Fashion Retail Experience at Farfetch

4 October 2019·
George Cushen
· 0 min read
Photo by George Anadiotis
What is the key to the holistic success of the fastest growing and most successful companies of our time globally? Well, often the key is the rapid increase in collected and analysed data. Graph databases provide a way to organise semantically by classes, not tables, are web-aware, and are superior for handling deep, complex relationships than traditional relational or NoSQL data stores. It is these deep, complex relationships that can provide the rich context for hyper-personalising your product offering, inspiring consumers to purchase. In this talk, we describe how we are using artificial intelligence at Farfetch to not only help build a knowledge graph but also to evolve our insights with state-of-the-art graph-based AI.
4 October 2019 2:00 PM — 2:30 PM